Pride Award

Person Responding In Dedicated Excellence

At Phoebe, we take PRIDE in the work we do and want to showcase the outstanding achievements that occur at our facility on a daily basis.

About the PRIDE Award

PRIDE is an acronym for Person Responding In Dedicated Excellence. PRIDE is a program that recognizes and awards the extraordinary efforts of Phoebe employees. The award is presented periodically throughout the year. Each winner is recognized at a special ceremony and awarded an honorary certificate. Nurses are recognized in a similar program, click here for more information.

Patients, family, visitors, employees, contractors and volunteers are encouraged, when you see a Person Responding In Dedicated Excellence to let us know about it.  We want to recognize these great stories, and hear how your PRIDE overflows.

Nominate a Phoebe Employee:

Click here to submit your nomination and to learn more about criteria for the PRIDE award.

For more information about the PRIDE recognition program, e-mail