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Local Artist and Young Students Paint for Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

Americus, GA | May 6, 2024 – A unique partnership between Phoebe Sumter Medical Center and an Americus artist is helping the hospital provide holistic care for mental health patients and supporting the Phoebe vision, “to make every life we touch, better.”

Leaders at Phoebe Sumter recognized the need for a more therapeutic environment in the hospital’s emergency department which regularly cares for patients experiencing a mental health crisis. They sought to incorporate art as a means of fostering healing and reducing stress for patients during their time of need.

Katherine Council, Phoebe Sumter Foundation Director, expressed the significance of the partnership. "Our goal is to create a space that promotes healing and wellness from the moment patients enter the emergency department. Art has the power to alleviate stress and anxiety, and we believe it plays a crucial role in our patients' recovery journey.”

Research supports the therapeutic benefits of art, with studies indicating that viewing art can provide similar health benefits as actively creating it.

Phoebe Sumter hired local artist and art teacher Madison Hernandez Chandler to paint three murals in ER multi-purpose rooms that are often used in the care of mental health patients. For a fourth mural, Chandler involved young students from her Art Hive studio. They drew inspiration from nature and calming imagery, and Chandler used their work to create a large collage piece.

"It's been incredibly rewarding to work with Phoebe Sumter and contribute to creating a healing environment for patients. Art can uplift and inspire, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact through my work,” Chandler said.

After she painted the murals on the walls in the ER rooms, Chandler was excited to get her students involved. "Every child got to contribute a drawing of their own hand. It really became a collage piece because you have the background (which Chandler painted) and the kids’ glued hands. We then used painted papers from our scrap box at Art Hive to create the words of the Phoebe vision which is “making every life we touch better,” she said.

The collage will hang in the ER waiting area and Chandler allowed the Phoebe Sumter Foundation to create note cards featuring an image of the artwork. The cards are for sale in the hospital gift shop with proceeds going to support the Foundation.

In discussing the significance of art in healthcare settings, Chander shared her heartfelt sentiments. "I've never worked in healthcare, but I have loved ones that do work in healthcare, and I know these shifts are long. I hope when they walk past the artwork, it brings joy to their life even if it is for a few minutes. I hope on a hard day when the doctors, nurses, and techs walk past this artwork, it re-centers their ‘why’ as to why they decided to go into healthcare,” she said.

Council said the work of Chandler and her students will have a lasting impact at Phoebe Sumter by supporting the Foundation’s work and by inspiring others. "This beautiful artwork will enhance the experiences of our patients and provide a source of inspiration and comfort for our dedicated staff and visitors,” Council said. “We're committed to fostering a healing environment for all who walk through our doors, and we’re grateful to have great partners like Madison in our community.”

Madison Hernandez Chandler and the collage she created with her students at Art Hive Studios. The students who participated are listed below.

Samy Uzcategui Rylee Roquemore Danny Lee
Adalynn Rooks Lulu Vinson Teddy Lee
Jolee Abbott Jackson Scott Dawson Knox Wells
Sofia Lorenz Rhett Burkes Emmile Braxton
Scarlett Morgan Gabby Temple Ellie Braxton
Kinley Godwin Willy Lee Grayson Gordon
Harper Kent Delaine Webb Aniston Gordon
Emersyn Jent Alexis Webb Albright Moore
Will Perry Charles Benns  
Bates Austin Georgia Hooks  


Albright Moore