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Student Makes Donation To Help Cancer Patients

Albany, GA | Oct. 19, 2021  – An Albany high school student’s experience with cancer in her family inspired her to help other southwest Georgia cancer patients.  Deerfield Windsor School 9th grader Chloe Wiggins lost both of her grandfathers to cancer.  “When I was five, my mother’s dad died of prostate cancer.  Less than a year ago, my father’s dad also died from the same cancer, which really hit me hard because he’s the only grandfather I had since I was little,” she said.

Chloe made 35 port pillows which she delivered to the Phoebe Cancer Center this week.  Cancer patients often have a small port implanted in their chest to make administration of chemotherapy and other medications and fluids easier.  Unfortunately, seatbelts can rub against a port, causing discomfort and irritation. 

A port pillow attaches to a seatbelt to protect the port and prevents that discomfort.  “Donating these port pillows, I know that I’m helping someone prevent infection or discomfort to their port.  It’s something that’s helping them get better, and it really makes me feel better,” Chloe said.

The Phoebe Cancer Center will distribute the pillows to patients who need them.

Photo: DWS freshman Chloe Wiggins with members of the Phoebe Cancer Center team as she delivered handmade port pillows for cancer patients.