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Phoebe Putney Recognized by HealthGrades for Excellence in Vascular Surgery

Albany, GA

The Albany Herald
Brad McEwen

ALBANY — For the fifth year in a row, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has been recognized by Healthgrades for excellence in vascular surgery.

Hospital executives and members of Phoebe’s vascular surgery team gathered Tuesday in the hosptial’s Wetherbee Lobby to receive the Healthgrades Vascular Surgery Excellence Award, given to hospital service lines that ranked in the top 10 percent in the country for excellence in service.

According to Connor Tuttle, director of client development at Healthgrades, the organization independently rates every hospital in the United States based on statistical information related to quality service gathered from patient records and recognizes those that achieve excellence.

“This year we looked at over 4500 hospitals and over 40 million patient records,” said Tuttle. “We look at three years worth of data so we can get rid of anomalies and blips so it’s accurately showing consistent quality care. We rate every hospital. You may not opt in or opt out and it is not a pay for play scenario. We accept no money for the ratings we deliver.”

Tuttle explained that Healthgrades looks at every service line within a hospital looking for statistically significantly better than expected outcomes to determine excellence within each service line. Tuttle said that based on Healthgrades’ data Phoebe’s vascular surgery service line is one of the best in the country.

“The top ten percent in nation is much better than just 450 hospitals,” Tuttle said. “It’s close to the top 200 hospitals in America. Quality is not a coincidence, it is a direct result of commitment, collaboration and caring.”

Charles Porth, vice president of cardiac services at the hospital, echoed Tuttle’s remarks, saying that the hospital’s excellence is generated by the entire staff and what they do each day for their patients.

“We’re fortunate to have that kind of excellence and expertise here at Phoebe,” Porth said. “We’re also fortunate that our physicians are surrounded by similar dedication in our nursing, our OR staff, our vascular and invasive cardiology labs, radiology and cardio-vascular surgical associates at our clinic. The celebration today is about quality. How do we measure quality and how do we know quality when we see it? Certainly it’s displayed in the dedication and the expertise of our staff.”

Daniel Martin, director of vascular surgery at Phoebe, also pointed out that while the Healthgrades speaks to the quality of the vascular surgery staff, it also says volumes about what patients can expect when choosing to have procedures performed at the hospital.

“Health care is changing,” Martin said. “Now the patient is now a consumer; he doesn’t just get directed where the physician says. He can go on the Internet and choose where the best physician is, where the best hospital is, and now he can make the choices. Now we have proof, for five years, that Phoebe is the best hospital in Georgia for vascular surgery. This award is good for Phoebe, good for Albany and really good for the patients of southwest Georgia.”

In addition to receiving the Healthgrades Vascular Surgery Excellence Award, Phoebe’s vasuclar surgery line was also ranked as the No. 1 hospital in Georgia for vascular surgery and the top five in the nation in 2013. The service line was also a five star recipient in vascular surgery for two years in a row, carotid artery surgery for two years in a row and peripheral vascular bypass surgery for four years in a row.

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