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Phoebe Worth Continues Providing COVID-19 Vaccinations

Sylvester, Ga. – Phoebe Worth’s community COVID-19 vaccination effort continues to be a great success.  Through Feb. 3, the hospital had administered a total of 1,646 vaccines.  Phoebe Worth is administering the Pfizer vaccine which requires two doses at least three weeks apart and has been shown to be about 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection.  “We began vaccinating our employees and other healthcare workers on Dec. 17, and we were able to expand to include people 65 and over and first responders on Jan. 11,” said Kim Gilman, Phoebe Worth CEO.  “We expected the first week in February would be our busiest week yet since the first community members to be vaccinated were returning for their second doses, while we were continuing to provide first doses to others.  We have been extremely pleased with the level of interest from the community and with how well our process has worked.”

Phoebe Worth is providing vaccinations each Monday – Thursday by appointment only at the hospital at 807 S. Isabella St.  Eligible southwest Georgians who want to be vaccinated at Phoebe Worth can set up an appointment by calling the Phoebe COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 229-312-1919 or by using the Phoebe Access mobile app. 

“We know many people are anxious to get vaccinated, and we are eager to provide this lifesaving service to as many people as possible, but we can’t expand vaccinations to other groups just yet.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Georgia Department of Public Health decide who is eligible, and we must follow their guidelines.  As soon as there is ample supply of the vaccine, and those agencies decide to open vaccinations to additional groups, we’ll be ready to expand and serve more people in our community,” Gilman said.

The COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for use in the United States have been proven to be extremely safe and effective, and local physicians encourage everyone to get vaccinated when they are eligible.  “Widespread vaccination is the one guaranteed way to end this pandemic,” said James E. Black, MD, Phoebe Worth Emergency Physician.  “The sooner most people get vaccinated, the sooner our lives can return to normal.  I got the vaccine, and I’m going to make sure my loved ones get vaccinated.  I certainly wouldn’t do that if I had any concerns about the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine,” Dr. Black added.

Many Worth County vaccine recipients have expressed gratitude for not having to travel far to get the protection the vaccine provides.  “I got the COVID shot to protect my friends and family, and everyone I might get close to.  I don’t want anybody else to get this virus,” said Warren Haman.  Most people are in and out of the vaccination site in 20 – 25 minutes and have praised Phoebe Worth for the ease and efficiency of their vaccination process. 

Anyone with questions or concerns about the vaccine can learn more at