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Phoebe Reports Thursday COVID-19 Numbers

Thursday, July 16, 2020 @ 11:15 a.m. -

Albany, Ga. – As of noon Thursday, these were Phoebe’s COVID-19 numbers:

  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 45
  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Sumter Medical Center – 7
  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Worth Medical Center – 0
  • Total Inpatients Recovered – 470
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 109
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Sumter – 32

“As ICU beds fill up across the state, our greatest challenge right now is critical care staffing.  When we expanded our COVID-19 capacity, in partnership with the state by opening additional space on our Phoebe North campus, we were able to bring in plenty of extra staff to operate those units.  Now, with COVID-19 cases spiking in numerous states, there is much more competition for those vital contract critical care clinicians.  Our staffing team is exploring all options, and we continue to work closely with the state to maintain staffing levels that will allow us to handle surges in COVID-19 patients,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe Putney Health System Chief Executive Officer.

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