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Phoebe Reports Tuesday COVID-19 Numbers

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 @ 1:08 p.m. -

Albany, Ga. – As of noon Tuesday, these were all Phoebe-related COVID-19 test results:

  • Total Positive Results – 1,857
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 55
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Sumter – 11
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 145
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Sumter Medical Center - 26
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Worth Medical Center – 0
  • Total Patients Awaiting Test Results – 151
  • Total Negative Results – 3,242
  • Total Patients Recovered – 973

In the last 24 hours, Phoebe received 80 test results throughout the health system. That number includes 72 negative results and 8 positives, including two additional deaths of positive COVID-19 patients.

“We continue to hear about instances of large gatherings in the community. We can’t stress enough how dangerous ignoring the state’s shelter-in-place order can be. People who do so not only put their own health at risk, but the health of their loved ones. Irresponsible actions make it more likely that we will continue to see waves of COVID patients for some time to come. The Phoebe Family continues to be on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle, but it will take a community effort to win that battle,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe Putney Health System Chief Executive Officer.

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