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Phoebe Recognizes Nurses for Clinical Excellence

On December 4, 29 nurses were recognized for completing the Nursing Clinical Advancement Program (NCAP) at Phoebe. NCAP is a program designed by nurses to recognize and reward clinical expertise, contribution and excellence of the bedside registered nurse – benefitting patients, themselves as professionals, the practice of nursing and the community. This year also marked the program’s 10th anniversary at Phoebe.

“It is a career-enhancing decision to participate in NCAP and shows a nurse’s dedication to the profession and commitment to implementing the best practices in his or her daily duties,” said Evelyn Olenick, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. “This advancement program also enhances the hospital’s commitment to promote clinical excellence by recognizing and rewarding registered nurses who proactively and consistently expand their professional role in patient care.”

NCAP was started in 2009 with the first group of nurses completing the program the following year. Each year, bedside nurses who wish to participant must apply for the program and meet certain criteria. During the year-long program, nurses must meet performance expectations and complete individual studies within six standards: clinical competency, leadership, professional development, professional membership, evidence-based practice, and community service. With NCAP, nurses also have the opportunity to reach fours levels, which include Level 1 – Advanced Beginner, Level 2 – Competent, Level 3 – Proficient, and Level 4 – Expert.

Over the years nurses who participate in NCAP have reached many professional milestones due to the program. Some of the accomplishments of this year’s class include:

  • 2 have been a part of the program since 2009/10 class
  • 13 nurses have completed 5 or more years of the program
  • 6 Team Leaders/15 Charge Nurses/18 Clinical Resource Nurses
  • 9 designated preceptors
  • 40 professional memberships
  • 36 advanced skills certifications
  • 1300 hours of education
  • Audited over 2100 charts, an increase of 700 from last year
  • 16 participate in unit councils, 6 are chairs
  • Involvement in 20 different community healthcare related events

By implementing NCAP, Phoebe recognizes the valuable contributions of our nurses in providing excellent patient care. The program encourages and supports life-long learning and professional development in always becoming better.