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Phoebe Creates Over 200 New Jobs, Expanding Workforce by Almost 5%

Phoebe Putney Health System’s new budget includes funding for 207 new jobs, bringing its estimated 2020 employment to 4,539, a 4.8% increase over 2019’s level.  “We’re fortunate that our volunteer board members and our leadership team have managed Phoebe’s finances extremely well over the years.  Because of that fiscal responsibility, we are in a position to invest more in our people, programs and facilities to improve the level of care we are able to provide the people of southwest Georgia,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe President & CEO.

The new employees will represent a payroll increase of more than $10 million.  “That will have a huge impact on our region’s economy.  It’s equal to a major new industry opening a facility in our area.  For decades, Phoebe has been one of the primary engines driving southwest Georgia’s economy, and we will continue to be,” Steiner said.

Phoebe is investing in new jobs across its health system.  Most of the jobs are clinical positions needed because of Phoebe’s market growth, but they also include positions such as guest relations representatives to better meet the needs of patients when they are in the hospital and after they are discharged, as well as personnel to staff a state-of-the-art education and training simulation lab Phoebe will construct on its main campus.

“Many of the services we are expanding or adding address gaps in our communities or target underserved populations.  Our primary goal with this job growth is to improve access to quality care for people throughout southwest Georgia, so they don’t have travel far from home to get the healthcare they need,” Steiner said.

Phoebe’s budget for fiscal year 2020 also includes investments in current employees, including $4.6 million in pay increases.  That 3% overall increase includes raises and market-based compensation adjustments.

“Forbes Magazine recently named Phoebe one of the best employers in Georgia.  We offer outstanding benefits, competitive pay and a fulfilling work environment.  One of our newest benefits is the ability to help nurses pay off their student loan debt each month while working at Phoebe,” said Tony Welch, Phoebe Chief Human Resources Officer.  “We have also built a strong new recruitment team to amp up our efforts to recruit highly-skilled and capable candidates at all levels of our organization.”

Anyone interested in working at Phoebe can learn more about available positions and apply for jobs by visiting