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Phoebe Opens OB/GYN Emergency Department

Phoebe Launches OB/GYN Hospitalist Program and Emergency Department

Albany, Ga. – As part of an overall strategy to expand and advance its Women & Children’s Department, Phoebe recently launched an OB/GYN hospitalist program. An experienced team of six board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists are now providing expert care for mothers-to-be at Phoebe’s main campus 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

“This program will set Phoebe apart from all other women and children’s departments in our region and will provide the safest and best care available to expectant mothers in southwest Georgia,” said William Sewell, MD, Phoebe Medical Director of Women & Children’s Services.

These highly-skilled physicians will not replace the services of an individual patient’s obstetrician, but will support and enhance those services. The OB/GYN hospitalists provide emergency care prior to the arrival of a patient’s physician, support the care of high-risk pregnancy patients and deliver babies for patients who do not have an obstetrician and for those whose obstetricians are unable to make it to the hospital for the delivery.

“We are thrilled to bring our expertise and dedication to caring for mothers and babies to families here in southwest Georgia,” said Davis Sullivan, MD, OB/GYN Hospitalist Program Medical Director. “We will be here to provide prompt, round-the-clock care to women in labor and pregnant women who may be experiencing difficulties, and this program underscores Phoebe’s commitment to the quality of their maternal care program.”

Phoebe’s OB/GYN hospitalist program is offered in partnership with OB Hospitalist Group, which staffs and manages programs throughout the United States. As part of the program, Phoebe opened an OB/GYN Emergency Department. When expectant mothers arrive at Phoebe’s main ED, they are directed to the new emergency area in the Labor & Delivery unit where they receive care from these dedicated OB/GYN specialists.

The program proved its benefits in its very first day. Just twelve hours after the OB/GYN ED opened, an expectant mother arrived at the main emergency room in serious distress. She was immediately transferred to the OB/GYN ED and seen right away by Dr. Sullivan. Within 25 minutes of the patient’s arrival at Phoebe, Dr. Sullivan completed the high-risk delivery, and the mother and baby are doing well.

“The positive outcome for that family shows staffing Phoebe with hospital-based OB/GYN physicians enhances patient safety and improves the coordination and efficiency of care,” said Joe Austin, Phoebe Chief Operating Officer. “It also should give our patients peace of mind since an OB/GYN will be available at all times to provide care. OB Hospitalist Group has a proven track record of success. They provided us with an outstanding group of physician candidates from which we chose a great team,” Austin added.

Phoebe is also beginning a pediatric hospitalist program to ensure children receive outstanding continuity of care during their entire hospital stay. The hospital recently initiated a placenta donation partnership with telaGen, LLC, allowing new mothers to donate their birth tissue which can be used in many healing therapies to help other patients. Since July, we have collected more than 100 placenta donations.  Phoebe also recently began a $4.5M renovation of its mother/baby unit. “All of these projects clearly show our commitment to women and children,” Dr. Sewell said. “We will continue to make major investments into projects that will enhance our service to those patients.”

On average, about 2,400 babies are delivered each year at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.  In 2017, Phoebe became only the second Georgia hospital outside metro Atlanta to earn Baby Friendly status