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Phoebe Family Member Wins Statewide Hospital Hero Award

Albany, Ga. – Phoebe Security Manager and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Gary Rice was awarded the prestigious Georgia Hospital Heroes Award at the Georgia Hospital Association’s (GHA) annual Hospital Hero Awards luncheon Nov. 9 in Atlanta. Rice, who was one of only nine individuals statewide to receive the award, was recognized for his efforts in assisting the community in the recovery from two storms that ravaged the area earlier this year.

When two natural disasters tore through Dougherty County and the Southwest Georgia community in the span of 20 days, the heroic efforts of Rice were much of the reason the hospital was able to successfully help the community with its extensive recovery efforts.

Rice’s work on behalf of the hospital was so extraordinary that the local government took notice and decided to enlist him for their own disaster response. While performing his regular duties at the hospital, he also helped manage the county’s recovery efforts as a special consultant. Thanks to his dedication, the area received much-needed assistance from the state government.

During each crisis, Rice ensured that hospital operations continued to run smoothly so patients could continue to receive essential care. Throughout the day and night, he ensured the safety of patients and staff through constant communication to everyone involved with the relief efforts. Even in the midst of chaos, Rice made sure he was available to perform new tasks or change assignments as needed. Working on little to no sleep, his positive attitude never changed and his dedication to helping the community never wavered. After his workday was over, he did not stop his relief efforts; he continued to help his fellow co-workers by delivering firewood to those without power and assisting in their clean-up efforts.

“We are honored to have Gary as part of our Phoebe Family. His commitment to serving others is unwavering and his knowledge and expertise is invaluable,” said Jeff Flowers, Senior Vice President of Operations at Phoebe. “Gary does an exceptional job keeping our patients, families and staff safe, and is always willing to give an extra hand. These are just a few of the reasons he was nominated for this prestigious award.”

“Dealing with the devastating effects of storms is something communities hope they never have to experience,” said GHA President and CEO Earl Rogers. “Thanks to the heroic efforts of Gary Rice, the Dougherty County and Albany area communities have been able to face recovery efforts a little easier. He is a most-deserving recipient of this award.”

GHA’s Hospital Heroes Awards are presented every year to individuals who display outstanding service to the healthcare field.

Photo Caption: Gary Rice, Security Manager and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, accepts the Georgia Hospital Heroes Award at the Georgia Hospital Association’s (GHA) annual Hospital Hero Awards luncheon this afternoon (Nov. 9) in Atlanta.