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Clay Banks

Did you know our state’s number one agricultural product is chicken?  Clay Banks knows the importance the poultry industry brings to our economy.  He also appreciates what good healthcare means for economic development.  “I am very appreciative of the hospital we have in our community and the services it offers.  Without a strong healthcare system, our region would struggle to attract jobs,” Banks said.  “It’s vital for Phoebe to continue to deliver top quality healthcare at a good value to the people of southwest Georgia.”

The north Georgia native and UGA graduate moved to south Georgia in 2002.  He lives in Lee County with his wife and two children, and he is employed at Tyson Foods.

Clay believes southwest Georgia is blessed to have a health system as large and diverse as Phoebe.  He thinks that’s good for our businesses and industries and knows it is something most regions of similar size simply do not enjoy.  Clay understands the importance of delivering a quality product while remaining fiscally responsible, and so do we.  “It’s important to make sure all perspectives are represented on the board.  I’m proud to serve and offer common sense business logic and help make improvements in any way I can,” Banks said.

We’re thankful he brings his business expertise to the Phoebe Board of Directors.