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Meet Bennett - Phoebe Foundation CMN Feature

Meet Bennett

"He wouldn't be here today without the generous people who donate to Children's Miracle Network!"

Bennett was born December 30, 2010. At 33 weeks gestation, Bennett had an abnormally large amount of fluid surrounding him and his mother Laura was sent over to Dr. Edwards at Phoebe. Bennett was diagnosed with Critical Aortic Stenosis, and Laura was sent to Atlanta to deliver and Bennett was immediately transported for his first surgical intervention. Bennett had a cardiac catheterization and his doctors were able to balloon his Aortic valve to buy him some time to grow.

Two months later, Bennett went into heart failure at Phoebe and was transported for his first open heart surgery. Bennett’s doctors replaced his Aortic Valve with his own Pulmonary Valve and gave Bennett a donor valve in place of his Pulmonary Valve. Bennett had a complicated recovery that required ECMO, which is an advanced life support system that does all the work for him so his heart could recover. After 5 days on ECMO, he never took a step back. Bennett was sent home after a month in the hospital recovering.

In June of 2015, Bennett had his second open heart surgery to replace his donor valve with an adult-sized valve and repair his mitral valve. This adult valve is expected to sustain him for 10+ years. In October of 2016, Bennett's ECHO showed some issues with different areas of his heart. Bennett’s heart has high pressures and some leakage of the mitral valve. Bennett and his family will follow up with his Cardiologist in April of 2017 to discuss his next steps. Bennett’s Cardiologist believes he will need his mitral valve replaced sooner than later, which will require the use of blood thinners for the rest of his life as he will have a mechanical valve in that position.

Today, Bennett is a very active 6 year old and loves life! He is truly a miracle. Bennett’s mother believes Bennett wouldn't be here today without the generous people who donate to Children's Miracle Network! “All of the lifesaving equipment used to get him to this point has been blessings from Children’s Miracle Network and I am eternally grateful.”

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