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Your Donations at Work

The needs for expanding healthcare access are many and your generous contributions have been used for great purposes including: 

  • 5 new gastrointestinal scopes - Improvements in colonoscopy and endoscopy procedural equipment for patient safety, better patient experience and provide the latest technology. ($462K)
  • Endoflip System - The Endoflip™ impedance planimetry system may transform the way you evaluate symptoms consistent with motility disorders and helps you minimize patient discomfort. This advanced imaging technology provides an internal view of the gastroesophageal junction during endoscopic procedures. Real-time measurements of the pressure and dimensions in the esophagus, and other sphincters of the alimentary canal, help you identify major motility disorders. ($85K).

  • 6 new OR Patient Monitors - Current monitors are 10 years old and required replacing for patient safety ($465K).

  • Orthopedic Instrumentation - OR instrumentation to meet demand/cleaning turnaround times. ($149K).

  • ACL Shoulder Instrumentation - OR instrumentation to replace a broken shoulder unit. ($50K).

  • Medical Patient Monitors - Part of a larger project to replace all of our patient monitoring system with a technology improvement that affects patient safety. (27K)

  • Catalyst 9300 System - IT Switch replacement for the hospital. 10 year old equipment since facility opening is end of life and needed replacement for continuity of service and patient safety to avoid any downtime. (271K)

Our community has benefited greatly from the money received. Thank you!