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Advanced Vascular and Kidney Care

Your kidneys play an important role in your health. They work to remove extra fluid and waste material from your blood.

Kidney problems can occur because of an injury or illness like diabetes, and the kidneys are unable to function properly. When this happens, extra fluid and waste builds up in the body. This buildup may cause health problems, such as swelling, weakened bones, stomach ulcers, and heart failure.

Treatment for Kidney Problems

Treatment depends on the degree of the kidney’s failure. For some, medications and lifestyle changes may be enough. Individuals with end-stage kidney disease (when the kidneys do less than 10 percent of their job) typically have the option of a kidney transplant or dialysis treatment.

Dialysis is a treatment that filters the blood and removes the extra waste and fluid. It’s done using a machine that’s connected to the body through a surgically created access site or using special solution put in the abdomen through a small, flexible tube (catheter) that is surgically inserted. While dialysis isn’t a cure, it can help prolong a patient’s life or bridge the time gap until a kidney transplant can be performed.