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  • HOSPITALS: best for providing inpatient, emergent and outpatient medical care for acutely ill patients requiring the skills of specialized physicians and nursing staff supported by state-of-the-art equipment & technology.
  • PRIMARY CARE: best for scheduling appointments for routine visits to help maintain overall wellness from preventive and episodic care to chronic illness management.
  • URGENT CARE: best for non-life threatening illnesses or injuries that need prompt attention when your primary care physician is not available. Walk-ins are welcome at multiple locations with extended hours and a range of payment options.
  • EMERGENCY CARE: best for the sickest, most compromised patients who may have life-threatening illnesses or injuries requiring immediate attention. 24/7 hospital-based care. Dial 911 immediately for medical problems that appears life-threatening!
  • SPECIALTY SERVICES: best for specialized medical services provided by a physician specialist or surgeon. In most instances, to receive these services, you are referred by your primary care physician to best address a particular medical condition.