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Treating a Heart Attack

The first step to surviving a heart attack is to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. The second step is to get help fast.

Cardiologists along with the Emergency Department Team at Phoebe Heart Center in Albany, Georgia, respond quickly to stop heart attacks in their tracks and prevent further damage to the heart.

Medical Treatment for a Heart Attack in Southwest Georgia

Today, there are treatments that can stop a heart attack in its tracks and prevent or limit damage to the heart. But to be most effective, they need to be given within one hour of the onset of symptoms. And the sooner they are given, the better the victim's chances for survival and a full recovery.

If you or someone around you has chest discomfort, especially with one or more of the other symptoms, don't wait more than five minutes to call 911 for help.

It's normal to feel some uncertainty. If you're having a heart attack, the damage has already started happening, and now, every passing minute reduces your chances of recovery.

If you are driven to the emergency center, you will first be examined by a triage nurse. If the diagnosis determines a possible heart attack, you will quickly receive the following tests and procedures:

  • EKG
  • Blood test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Be placed on a heart monitor

These and other tests will quickly determine your condition and the appropriate treatment. As an additional safeguard, you may be kept and monitored at the hospital for several hours.

Calling 911 or an emergency service for an ambulance is almost always the fastest way to get life-saving treatment. They can get to you faster than you can get to the hospital, and they can begin treatment when they arrive.

For more information about heart attack care, call: 229-312-4438.