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Chest Tumor Surgery

Tumors of the chest are not uncommon. Most, however, are benign; cancerous tumors account for only 5% of all thoracic malignancies. In the case of chest wall cancers, surgery is frequently the first line of defense.

While a malignant chest tumor, of course, calls for immediate attention, benign tumors seldom create symptoms and are rarely life-threatening. Occasionally, however, some benign tumors may cause problems, depending on their size and location, and are removed with surgery.

Thoracic surgeons at Phoebe work in coordination with primary care physicians and specialists from other disciplines in diagnosis and treatment of patients with chest wall, esophagus and mediastinal tumors. Surgery may be performed for diagnosis (biopsy) or for treatment.

When possible, our thoracic surgeons utilize modern minimally invasive procedures, which cause less pain and scarring and lead to shorter recovery times.

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