Phoebe Heart Valve Clinic

Improving Care for Aortic Stenosis Patients

The Phoebe Heart Valve Clinic is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team including cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, a valve clinic program coordinator, and a team of advanced practitioners. The clinic is designed to provide improved surveillance and follow-up care for patients in our service area who have been diagnosed with aortic stenosis.

Patient Evaluation Process

The Phoebe Heart Valve Clinic team takes a collaborative approach to the evaluation of patients with valvular disease. All valve clinic patients are evaluated by both interventional cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons collaboratively in the same clinic setting. During the clinic appointment, participating physicians review the patient’s medical history and results of recent tests, functional assessment and perform a physical evaluation. Specific diagnostic testing is performed before or during this clinical evaluation. Upon completion of the initial evaluation, a multi-disciplinary Valve Clinic team meets to review the results of these tests and to prepare a recommended treatment plan.

Treatment for aortic stenosis depends on how far the disease has progressed, If the patient’s stenosis is mild, medication may be prescribed to regulate the heart, prevent blood clots and manage symptoms. However, medication is a palliative therapy, not an effective treatment for severe aortic stenosis. Current American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines indicate aortic valve replacement as effective treatment for severe aortic stenosis.

Treatment Options

Today, there are two options at Phoebe – surgical aortic valve replacement which is recommended for virtually all adult patients who do not have other serious medical conditions and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) for immediate-risk, high-risk or inoperable patients who will not qualify for surgical intervention due to advanced age and other comorbidities. The TAVR procedure is an alternative procedure which eliminates the need to open the chest and stop the heart by using alternative access points to replace the valve --- and is proving to provide excellent outcomes. Phoebe is the only hospital in southwest Georgia that offers the procedure.

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