Defining Quality

How Quality is Defined

"Quality" means different things to different people and can be measured in many different ways.

Phoebe recognizes that providing world-class patient care requires a commitment to ongoing improvement in patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, administrative processes and community involvement. That's why Phoebe relies on the talent and teamwork of its staff, physicians and administrators, as well as feedback from patients.

How Phoebe Defines Quality

Phoebe defines quality as a comprehensive look at all facets of a patient's experience. Our patients seek exceptional patient and family-centered care, the best medical knowledge and experience, access to state-of-the-art technology, as well as the compassion, kindness and hope offered by our staff.

Quality at Phoebe involves the totality of a patient's experience — from the initial phone call to the follow-up and last appointment.

For more information about quality initiatives at Phoebe, call 229-312-4590.

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