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Be an AARP Smart Driver

Many things have changed through the many years of road travel. There are not as many dirt and gravel roads, fewer cars have stick shifts and more have power brakes. Also, busier roads make it necessary for each driver to pay more attention to other drivers. In Georgia, last year 21,380 people participated in AARP Smart Driver classes, and of those 17,600 took the classroom courses while 3,300 took the online class. Those who elect to take classroom instruction come away with extra bonuses provided by the excellent volunteers who teach the classes. Here are a few things you might learn:

  • How to adjust your side mirrors to eliminate 6 to 12 inches of a blind spot
  • The three-second rule which is the recommended distance from the car in front of you
  • Distance your head & body should be from the steering wheel to prevent additional injury if your air bag releases

Reservations are required for AARP safe driving classes;
call (229) 312-2418

The six-hour course costs $20 per person. However, if you show your current AARP membership card, the cost of the class will be $15. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to AARP. Present your class certificate to your insurance company to receive a reduced automobile insurance premium, provided you have had no at-fault claims or driving violations for the past 3 years.

Phoebe Golden Key is not an insurance plan or Medicare supplement. To receive the benefits a Phoebe Golden Key membership provides, you must be 50 or over. For questions about Golden Key or membership information, call (229) 312-2418. We are currently staffed by volunteers, so if you do not reach us please leave a message with your day time telephone number, and we will return your call as soon as possible.