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Daisy Award Winners and Recipients

Congratulations to each of our DAISY award recipients. Their incredible commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in each of their nomination stories listed below.

Heather Poore, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

June 2016, Daisy Award Winner

"It goes without saying that some days in nursing are tough...STAT orders, endless call lights & phone calls, family & patients that need to be educated and cared for...some of these days are made a little "tougher" when staffing is not where we would like for it to be. On these days a nursing unit MUST work as a team to ensure successful, safe, and positive patient outcomes! Today was one of those days.

Today I was lucky enough to work alongside Heather. I charged our entire unit while also caring for 5 patients of my own...it was a very busy day for me and for each of my nurses as well! As a charge nurse I always strive to help my fellow coworkers as much as possible and never let our patient to nurse ratio exceed our standard. Sometimes that isn't possible, and today I was lucky (to say the least) to have Heather on my floor. In the midst of admissions, discharges, and orders pouring in she was her normal positive happy self! At one point she unfortunately had to care for 7 patients at one time, but she didn't even bat an eye. She excepted her assignment with a smile and her "I got this" attitude.

As the day went on she was able to discharge some of her patients, & she recognized one of her coworkers running a little behind, Heather volunteered to accept that nurse's new admission so that that nurse could catch up on her work. She is the definition of a team player and a role model charge nurse!! Working with her has certainly been a privilege for me!

My description of this day and the excellent care she provide to her patients could never come close to doing her care justice. If you ever have the honor of working with or being cared for by Heather Poore, you are certainly in the presence of a true nurse!"
-- Phoebe Employee

Amber Ellis, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

May 2016, Daisy Award Winner

"I would like to nominate Amber Ellis from the Oncology 7th floor.  As of today Easter Sunday I have been on the floor 13 days.  Amber has been outstanding.  She has made sure that my IV’s and ports are changed, cleaned, and functioning properly. 

Every day that she works she comes into my room and wipes down my area with sani cloth germicidal, no one else does this.  She also explains about my immune system being wiped out and the preventive things that I can do to avoid getting an infection. 

She has such a sweet, caring attitude it just makes me smile when I see that she is “on duty” because I know I will be given the absolute best of care! 

She deserves all the accolades that you can give her because she is outstanding."
-- The Patient

Charlie Ham, LPN: Phoebe Worth Medical Center

First Quarter, Daisy Award Winner

"Carlie Ham, LPN, was recently awarded the DAISY award at Phoebe Worth Medical Center.

Carlie, who works at the Phoebe Worth Family Medicine clinic, was nominated by her colleagues for the extraordinary efforts she takes with both her patients and teammates.

As stated in the nomination letter, “There is nothing that Mrs. Carlie will not do to help. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to pass it on to anyone willing to listen.”

'Carlie is an asset to not only our clinic, but to the entire Phoebe organization,' said Debra Smith, manager at Phoebe Worth Family Medicine clinic."

PHOTO CAPTION: Carlie Ham, LPN, at Phoebe Worth Family Medicine clinic receives the DAISY award at a special presentation with colleagues. Pictured (L to R) is Debra Smith, manager at Phoebe Worth Family Medicine Clinic, Carlie Ham and Kim Gilman, CEO of Phoebe Worth.

Teresa Edwards, RN: Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

First Quarter, Daisy Award Winner

"Phoebe Sumter Medical Center recently announced that Teresa Edwards, RN, is the first DAISY award winner of 2016. The goal of the award is to recognize excellence in the workplace by nurses.

Edwards, who works in the medical/surgical unit, was nominated by a patient she cared for and by a student she was precepting. Both wrote that Edwards goes above and beyond to make a special connection with her patients and their families – providing the care and education to meet the needs vital to healthy recovery and healing.

The patient wrote, “When I felt like giving up due to the pain and lack of understanding she stepped up spiritually and professionally to assure me and my family that the doctors and nurses were working hard to get me well, which was no easy task!  My adult children, sisters, brothers, loved ones and friends are still praising her with thanks.”

According the student/future nurse, “Each day she [Teresa] amazed me at how well she managed her time and connected with her patients. She is an awesome nurse and I learned so much from her in the time I got to spend with her. I hope I can be half the nurse she is!”

The DAISY Award, which is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. Phoebe Putney Health System is proud to be a DAISY Award hospital partner.

Each quarter Phoebe Sumter selects a nurse to receive the DAISY Award based on criteria established by staff.  At a presentation given in front of the nurse’s colleagues, physicians, patients, and visitors, the honoree will receive a certificate commending her or him for being an "Extraordinary Nurse."
-- The Patient

PHOTO CAPTION: (L-R): Kim Horne, Phoebe Sumter Director of Acute Care Services; Stacy Zwierko, Nurse Manager, Medical/Surgical Unit; DAISY Award Winner Teresa Edwards; Susan Bruns, Chief Nursing Officer; Brandi Lunneborg; CEO and Frank Ross, Jr.; owner of the local Cinnabon located in the Albany Mall.  Mr. Ross was on hand for the presentation and presented packages of Cinnabon to Edwards and her coworkers.

Raquel Briseno, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

April 2016, Daisy Award Winner

"Having been an RN for 26 years myself and a Daisy Award winner, I have learned to quickly identify nurses that truly answered the calling and aren't just in it for the job.  My very best friend for over 30 years had OHS last week. She has not ever had any health problems & to have to undergo open heart at 50 due to genetics was a shock to us all.

I came to stay with my friend after she was transferred from ICU to the floor. That is when I met Raquel, she was very professional, knowledgeable & most of all caring. You are lucky to have a nurse of this caliber.  I told her she had a job waiting for her at Athens Regional whenever she wanted! I was very impressed with the care, cleanliness & overall professionalism of your facility."
-- The Patient

Kinshishi Batson, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

March 2016, Daisy Award Winner

"My husband was admitted from the ER with chest pains. After waiting several hours for a bed, Kinshishi came down to the ER to move my husband to the 4th floor overnight. Immediately, she made a connection with my husband and myself. She lightened the mood with a few jokes and let us both know he would be well taken care of!

Once on the floor, she was quick to care! You would have thought he was her ONLY patient, but we know he was not! If we had questions, she would go right over to the "white board" and draw images as she explained her answers VERY thoroughly and made sure we were comfortable with her answers. 

When my husband experienced discomfort, she paged the physician right away and handled the situation promptly. When we decided to take a nightly stroll on the floor, she walked along side us and made sure we felt at home, even though we were going through a scary unknown experience. She comforted both my husband and I.

After a VERY horrible experience in the ER, Kinshishi restored our faith in this hospital! She is exceptional and deserves to be awarded for her ability to reach FAR above and beyond the call of duty!"
-- The Patient

Megan Burke, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

February 2016, Daisy Award Winner

"Megan was my nurse part of the time during my labor beginning December 9th and ending in my delivery at 8:02 p.m. on December 10th.  Upon my admittance on the 9th, Megan came in and was very clear on what would happen and even though this was my first pregnancy, she treated all my questions as if they were each equally important.  As events progress, Megan would tell me what was coming, how it would feel, what I should look for…etc.  

While the entire staff was great, Megan stood out!  I'm certain she helps deliver hundreds of babies every year and of course each baby is the most important to that mother.  Megan made me feel that our baby was the most important in the world in those moments.

As I entered the last minutes of labor, Megan was there with encouraging words and specific instructions to make it easier, she should have had a set of pom poms, she is the best labor and delivery cheerleader you have on that floor!

I appreciate how she made me and my husband feel, as well as the many family and friends.  We are so grateful that Megan played such an important role in the miracle of our daughter's birth.......what a blessing!"
-- The Patient

Dorothy Dickey, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

January 2016, Daisy Award Winner - Carlton Breast Health Center

"When I first read about this award, Dorothy was the first person that came to mind for many reasons. My first medical encounter with Dorothy was 36 years ago when she worked in Labor and Delivery and she was my nurse. She had just come on duty at 11p.m. and she could not have been any more upbeat and encouraging as she helped keep me distracted while the spinal tap was administered until I went into delivery. She made the painful experience of child birth much more bearable because of her outgoing personality, the care she provided and her genuine concern for my well-being.

A number of years later, there she was again, providing her knowledge and expertise when I was a patient at Albany Surgical Associates. She calmed my fears and answered my questions in such a comforting way. She came in the room smiling and I left the room smiling, because of her nursing skills and out-going personality.

Fast forward to several years ago when, following a mammogram and a sonogram, I was called back to the Carlton Breast Health Center for an ultrasound. I was not only scared of what the outcome might be, but very anxious because I was to leave town for a week on a family vacation which caused the ultrasound to be scheduled over a week later. It was Dorothy who learned of my plans and made sure that I was worked into the busy diagnostic schedule and informed of the results before leaving town so that, hopefully, I would be able to leave on my vacation with great peace of mind, which I did. This kind gesture on her part was a true gift that words can’t describe.

Most recently, my 38-year-old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. While that was a very dark day for our family, once again, it was Dorothy who brightened our situation by sitting with my daughter following her meeting with the doctor until I could get to the hospital to be with her. She answered our many questions with such expertise and calm and her reassurance was invaluable. She was there for us in a way that means more than words can describe. Having been a breast cancer patient and now survivor herself, her words meant a great deal knowing she had already been on the journey ahead of us. Dorothy became a great resource for both my daughter and me and, through it all, her true concern was evident. She found out when my daughter’s surgery was scheduled and came down to Surgical Waiting to check on her that day-what a special nurse!

This nurse exemplifies what the DAISY AWARD is all about. She always puts her patient first. She goes over and above what one would expect and does it with such a happy spirit and always with a bright smile on her face, never showing any reason for what might be a negative outcome. Our experience at PPMH throughout the cancer experience was one of ultimate caring and excellent medical care and this nurse played a big part in that experience. I will be forever grateful that she was there the night my baby was born and there again when it was not such a happy occasion. Phoebe is a better place because of Dorothy, her dedication to what she loves to do, and the compassion with which she does it."
-- The Patient