I Promise To

The Phoebe Promise

The Phoebe Promise represents the personal commitment of each Phoebe family member. The promises are derived from our corporate statement of culture – the Pledge of Professionalism.

  • I promise to provide patient-centered care and customer-focused service.
  • I promise to treat others with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • I promise to commit to an environment where we work together to provide the best care possible.
  • I promise to be accountable for my own behavior and help others be more accountable.
  • I promise to be a good steward of resources to provide the best and clearest paths to excellent patient care.
  • I promise to uphold a sterling code of ethics and solid business practices.
  • I promise to never tolerate anything less than the most respectful treatment of my co-workers and the patients we serve.
  • I promise to always work with a spirit of compassion and mutual understanding to better unify our healthcare team and serve our patients.
  • I promise to always be inquisitive, seeking opportunities to learn and collaborate to better serve patients and coworkers.
  • I promise to never tolerate complacency and to continually challenge myself to be my very best in the service and expertise I deliver for each and every patient.
  • I promise to challenge my coworkers and colleagues to be their very best, celebrating and supporting those who champion and embody the principles of our Phoebe Culture.
  • I promise to take pride in facilities that are always clean and well-maintained.

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