Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology at Phoebe

Surgical oncology is a type of oncology that treats cancer by way of surgery. Surgical oncologists treat, manage and prevent various types of cancers, by removing tumors, lymph nodes and cancerous cells to prevent the potential spread of cancer. Surgical Oncologists work in conjunction with other specialists such as oncologists, radiologist and pathologists to decide the best care for the patient.

At Phoebe, our surgical oncologist specializes in treatment of the following areas:

  • thyroid
  • pancreas
  • breasts
  • sarcomas
  • gastrointestinal
  • adrenal
  • liver

Our surgical oncology team consults with the patient and together decides the best treatment option. For patients who have tumors/ growth and have not been diagnosed, our surgical oncologist will biopsy the area for a confirmed diagnosis, and based on the outcome decide the treatment plan.

For more information about surgical oncology, call (229) 312-5080.

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