Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy uses specific medicines to destroy cancer cells.

It's the most useful method of attacking cancers that aren't within reach of surgery or radiation, or to destroy cancer cells still remaining after these treatments. Chemotherapy is also used concurrently with radiation therapy.

These "search and destroy" medicines are true miracle drugs, and more are being discovered virtually every day. As a major cancer center in Southwest Georgia, Phoebe Cancer Center’s cancer doctors are involved in helping develop new cancer drugs. As new medicines are developed, they're immediately added to the arsenal of weapons used against cancer at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Cancer attacks more than a part of your body. It attacks your entire life. We assemble a team to treat the wide range of problems cancer presents to a patient and their family: medical, social, psychological, financial and spiritual.

No patient at the Phoebe Cancer Center ever faces the disease alone; there is always someone there ready to listen and help.

Chemotherapy Treatment from Professional Medical Oncologists

Phoebe's board-certified medical oncologists are backed up by a team of expert certified oncology nurses, pharmacists, lab analysts and social service professionals. Together, this team can address the entire range of needs of the patient and the patient's family.

Lab technologists perform tests in the Cancer Center's dedicated laboratory. Our resident pharmacists prepare the chemotherapy and other medications on site. Social service professionals located in the department help patients deal with the social and economic impact of cancer.

We also offer our patients access to our Coumadin Clinic. The clinic is staffed by nurses experienced in the care of patients receiving anticoagulation therapy.

At Phoebe, the caring touch goes hand in hand with cancer treatment, and special bonds develop between patients and staff. Milestones, such as a patient's graduation from treatment, are emotional events full of smiles and hugs.

More Detail

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