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Volunteer Board Members

As a true not-for-profit health system, Phoebe is operated by a volunteer board drawn from the communities it serves. Below you can see a list of volunteer board members and the facility in which they are associated.

Phoebe Putney Health System

  Lemuel Griffin - Chairman   
  Will Sims - Vice Chairman                
  James Woods, MD
  John Temp Phillips, III
  Lamar H. Moree, MD
  Bruce Melton
  Mark Lane
  Steven Wolinsky, DO
  Wilhelmina Hall
  Joel Wernick
  Anthony O. Parker, Ph.D
  Brad Lafevers


Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

  John Culbreath - Chairman   
  Mary Helen Dykes - Vice Chairman 
  Bernard Scoggins, MD
  Lemuel Edwards
  John E. Vance, MD
  Timothy Dill
  William J. (Jay) McAfee, MD
  Sally Whatley, Ph.D
  Kimberly Fields, Ed.D
  Clay Banks
  Karen Iler
  Joel Wernick


Phoebe Sumter Medical Center Board

  Brad Lafevers - Chairman          
  Robbie Latimore, Ed.D - Vice Chairman
  Frederick McLaughlin, Ph.D
  Wallace Mays, MD
  Lara Gill
  Randolph (Randy) B. Jones, Jr.
  Joel Wernick
  Kerry Loudermilk
  Joe Austin


Phoebe Worth Medical Center Board

  Don Monk - Chairman    
  John Cochran - Vice Chairman
  Mary King Givens
  Shirley Ann Thomas
  Wayne Senkbeil
  Natu Patel, MD
  Christopher Shipp
  Kerry Loudermilk
  Joel Wernick
  Joe Austin


Phoebe Physician Group

  Bruce Melton - Chairman
  Richard Bowe, MD                           
  Suresh Lakhanpal, MD
  Chirag Jani, MD
  Will Sims
  Robert Lagesse
  Christopher Shipp
  Kerry Loudermilk


Board Member Emeritus

  Laurence T. Crimmins, MD
  Willie D. Hampton                              
  Tom Law
  Henrietta Singletary


Health Ventures

  Bruce Melton - Chairman    
  Kerry Loudermilk - Vice Chairman  
  Joe Austin
  Joel Wernick


Hospital Authority

  Ralph Rosenberg - Chairman      
  Charles Lingle, DVM - Vice Chairman        
  John Hayes
  Lamar Reese
  J. Edward Vance, Jr.,
  Joel Callins, Esq.
  Ferrell Moultrie
  Michael Laslie, MD - Assistant Secretary
  Fred Ghiglieri - Secretary


Phoebe Foundation

  Larry Hockman - Chairman
  Rick Doherty - Vice Chairman      
  Arthur Dunning, PhD
  Chap Enfinger
  Lisa Fallaw
  Mary King Givens
  Chirag Jani, MD
  Bucky Leach
  Frank Middleton, MD
  Kari Middleton
  Doug Patten, MD
  Leah Sewell
  Jay Sharpe
  Alfreda Sheppard
  Richard H. Williams, PhD
  Larry Willson
  Misty Ford
  Callie Walker