Behavioral Health Mobile Assessment Program

Behavioral Health Mobile Assessment Program

Often times, many professionals and caregivers find themselves at a loss for what to do for their patient, resident, or loved one during a behavioral related crisis. Sometimes it may be evident, that the patient needs Inpatient Behavioral Health treatment, and other times it might not be as evident of what the need is.

Phoebe Behavioral Health’s Mobile Assessment coordinator can now help determine what the appropriate disposition is for the patient.

This process allows a Behavioral Health professional to conduct a face to face behavioral health assessment with the patient that also includes a medical screening and history.

Through our mobile assessment coordinators we can provide patients, referral sources, and caregivers an appropriate disposition in a timely manner.

To find out if our Mobile Assessment Program is available in your area, call: 229-347-4598 for the Albany area or 229-733-5373 for the Americus area.

Behavioral Health Consults

A behavioral health consult can be requested by a physician for patients that are on medical floors at either Phoebe Main or Phoebe North campuses. The consult will consist of a psychiatric evaluation conducted by a psychiatrist or mid-level provider.

If you or a member of your family is facing emotional issues, help and support is only a phone call away.  Please call our helpline at 800-HELP-912 or (229) 312-7001.

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