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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2017 @ 9:19 AM...

Phoebe Primary Care of Albany and Phoebe Rheumatology, located at 901 N. Madison (corner of 2nd Avenue and Madison), NOW HAS POWER and is back open for patient care.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017 @ 3:58 PM...

Phoebe Primary Care of Albany and Phoebe Rheumatology, located at the 901 N. Madison (corner of 2nd Avenue and Madison), is still without power.

  • Dr. Sanusi is seeing patients at Phoebe Primary Care at Medical Tower One located on the main campus at: 425 West Third Ave., Suite 340, Albany, GA 31701
  • Dr. Heard is seeing patients at Phoebe Primary Care at Meredyth located at: 2709 Meredyth Dr., Suite 330, Albany, GA 31707
  • Dr. Ahsan is seeing patients at Phoebe Primary Care at Meredyth located at: 2709 Meredyth Dr., Suite 330, Albany, GA 31707

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2017 @ 4:37 PM...

With below freezing temperatures this weekend, please remember that there are shelters available if you are still without power! If you do have a warm place to stay this weekend, please consider donating extra blankets, pillows, or time to help us keep our community safe and warm!

Albany Family Worship Center will be opening their doors to anyone displaced by the storm needing a place to stay and get warm. The doors will be open from 7pm until 9am. Located at 3024 Kensington Court here in Albany. Just behind Zaxby's at the corner of Point North and Dawson Road. Give them a call at 229.434.0342.

They are also in need of volunteers and blankets and pillows so please give them a call at the above number to find out how you can help.

Thanks so much to Albany Family Worship Center!!

THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 2017 @ 6:15 PM...

As a reminder, the Community Care Clinic is currently closed. Please continue to see Urgent Care, East or Northwest, for any non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries that need prompt attention.

If you are in need of shelter, food/water or clean up supplies, the Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Avalon United Methodist Church at 3018 Gillionville Road. They will provide snacks, water, meals, blankets, and clean-up supplies in hard hit neighborhoods throughout the next several days. Those who need assistance can call 229-436-4845. The Albany YMCA is offering showers to residents without power as well.

For additional shelter locations and disaster relief help, click HERE.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2017 @ 6:00 PM...

The Community Care Clinic will remain closed. If you need care for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries that need prompt attention, please visit Phoebe Urgent Care East or Northwest. In the case of possibly life-threatening illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention, please call 9-1-1.

The PPMH Patient Accounting Customer Service department has been relocated to Phoebe North. The information desk at Phoebe North will direct you to their temporary office, which will open at 8 a.m. tomorrow, January 5. The Patient Accounting Customer Service hotline will also be available starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow. The hotline number is 229-312-4256.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2017 @ 11:51 AM...

It's very important to be careful around the damage of Monday night's storms. Here are a few safety tips to protect you, your loved ones and your home! The hospital and Emergency Department is up and running if you need us. Keep checking back here for updates.

1. If your home has been damaged, consider turning off your main utilities, including your natural gas, electricity, and water main. If you smell natural gas, do not enter your home and call 911.
2. Only consume food or water that was not damaged by the storm.
3. If your home has minimal water damage, consider cleaning the area with bleach. Make sure you wear rubber shoes, gloves, and eye protection. The area should be properly ventilated so open windows and use fans.
4. If you lost power, protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning by using generators, grills, and other fuel-burning devices in a well-ventilated area.
5. If your home was not damaged, contact your friends, family, and neighbors to make sure they’re safe. Ask them if they need a safe place to stay.
6. Wear safety garments when walking and working through debris, as there could be broken glasses, exposed nails or other dangerous chemicals.
7. Do not touch power lines or objects in water puddles as there may be live electrical wires around.
8. If you have to clean up your home, make sure that you are wearing safety gear and are well aware of the dangers.
9. Keep records, notes, photos of broken items, in case your insurance company needs them.
10. If possible, review your insurance policy and follow the necessary steps to contact them and file a claim.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2017 @ 2:07 PM...

Phoebe Main Campus, including our Emergency Department, is open and fully operational following severe weather in our area. For those with non-emergent illnesses, please consider arriving tomorrow, January 4, or later for care. If you have a life-threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

All Phoebe Physician offices in Albany are closed today, with the exception of offices in Lee County. If you had a scheduled appointment at an office that is closed today, January 3, the appointment is cancelled with no penalty. Please call your physician beginning Wednesday, January 4, to reschedule your appointment.

Phoebe Urgent Care locations, both East and Northwest, are also open today. Our Community Care clinic is currently closed.

Please avoid damaged trees and power lines, and keep a close eye on children, seniors, and anyone who requires extra care.

Continue to check this page for additional updates.