Phoebe Inpatient Medicine Specialists

Phoebe’s inpatient medicine specialists (hospitalists) are board-certified internal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. They are experienced in diagnosing and managing acute medical illnesses that hospitalized patients commonly suffer.

Inpatient Medicine Specialists:

  • Provide you with continuity of care, from admission to discharge
  • Work closely with your primary care physician (if you do not have a primary care physician, then the inpatient medicine specialist will provide you with one)
  • Have special knowledge of the hospital and are here 24 hours a day, focusing only on hospital patients
  • Can admit and discharge you, order lab work and tests, read lab results, schedule tests and prescribe treatment and medications, in collaboration with your primary care physician

Together, your physician and your hospitalist will deliver high quality, seamless care.

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